C12 Group

The C12 Group is an organization of CEOs and business owners who are united in their belief and faith in God. At the core of the organization is the idea that as business owners, CEOs, and other positions of leadership, each C12 member is in a position where they can spread the goodwill of Christianity, and to instill the wisdom found in the bible to the network and individuals they work with and make a positive influence on their lives.

C12 helps business leaders and CEOs strike a balance between their high level business pressures and their loyalty to Christ. With groups of advisors and local groups of 12 to 15 members, C12 helps people remember and enact their service to god, and to serve the lord in every endeavor.

Intro to C12 Group

The C12 Mission and Values

Mission:  C12’s mission is to spread the positive influence and teachings of the Lord and Jesus Christ into the business world. Through their network of businesses and companies, C12 can make a difference to enact the goodness taught in the bible, and to influence compassion and strength in the world.

Goal:  C12 would like to continue to grow a more comprehensive network of Christian business owners and CEOs, and would like to have a representative in every large community in the United States to represent the good in the bible.

Principle:  C12 takes the basic idea that Jesus Christ is the Lord as their main creed. By believing in Jesus and allowing him to enter one’s life, one can help spread the goodness taught in the bible, and do so well through the position of CEO or business owner.

Pledge:  C12 would like to be able to stand as an example of the way of life taught in the bible, and to uphold all the values taught by Jesus Christ. C12 strives to help each member be the best leader they can be, and to best embody the good taught by Jesus.

C12 History

C12 arose out of the thought and feeling of many entrepreneurs, CEOs, and business owners that the achievement of the American Dream, or the achievement of wealth or success is not the last thing one could wish for in life.

C12 is a united force of people who have felt similarly and want to introduce a new positive meaning into their own lives, as well as the lives of others. C12 takes it as its creed that real meaning in life comes from spreading the word and love of God, and that by uniting together in the words of Jesus Christ and the lessons of the bible, that each person can find renewed meaning in life and make the world a kinder, more compassionate place.

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